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After taking a watercolor class with Expeditionary Art (Maria Coryell-Martin) in Seattle last weekend, & receiving a pocket art toolkit for on-the-go-drop-of-the-hat inspiration, talented artists have crawled out of the woodwork.  Here are a smattering of folks doing their own thing, who have garnered one more fan in Juneau Alaska. 

Lizzy Stewart

Hank Schmidt in der Beek & photographer Fabian Schubert have been poking fun at plein air painters since 2009. They set up a canvas in a classically recognizable place that perhaps Van Gogh, Monet, or Cezanne has painted in the past. Then, Hank paints whatever shirt he is wearing. I love it. 

images via It's Nice That
Carrie Shyrock has an enviable sketchbook, that you'll have to explore. 
Nina Cosford is an illustrator, photographer, typography enthusiast, & does strong female portraits. 

Whilst in Seattle I also purchased a starter kit for linocutting, & The Bluebird Gallery with original linocuts by Giuliana Lazzerini are…
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spring is on its way.

Bloody love my new camera. It's been especially enjoyable to use when the sun has been out and I can laze around on the beach reading H is for Hawk, or Hillbilly Elegy between shots. 

Nick was down on Prince of Wales island learning how to survey second-growth forest in the Tongass. I'm glad travel in SE is arduous & complicated at best, because he got to spend some time in Juneau, with me! 

 Girls on the Run is where girls come to learn about acceptance, collaboration, self-confidence, and how to get a quick nap in when you're running on zero. Life lessons. 

postcard project (march)

Mom's beautiful watercolor we did Sunday before she flew back north. 
 No beating around the bush here, I am writing to my senators about things I feel passionately about. There will be more, with equally as opaque messages.   Young and Sullivan get two cards each. Murkowski is currently in my good graces, albeit likely momentarily.  North Douglas looking ace. 

postcard project (february)

I should preface this by saying Happy Birthday to the singular human who reads this blog, my father.  Thank you for being the best listener, and forever one of my biggest cheerleaders..even if my plans were questionable at best. 
Dad asked me to make him birthday (post)cards that he could send out to all of our family and friends. this was a request taken over the phone whilst Madre Compadre was listening, and saying, 'That's so dumb, Brent. Hannah, don't do that.' But I did. Whatever Dad requests, Dad usually (doesn't) gets. So here are the postcards for February, to be mailed off throughout the year. 

read it round-ups V.

To Jillian:

I sent this list to Annina so the #2 item is from our mutual favorite..but I am curious about the answer. I don't ever want to give up Schlosstein, but how that pertains to kids I am not so sure (again, I will probably adopt). 
1. IKEA is killing the interior design.  2. If you have a kid, whose last name is it taking? 3. She would make an exceptional sailor.  4. You like cake, you definitely like wine.  5. Gratitude is good.  6. While Huffington Post isnt a seriously reputable news source, it's doable for GOOD NEWS.  7. Clothing options for your wedding: blue'adorable', navy skies, and of course i will wear a plaid head scarf.
8. Sure, it's a ski film, but it captures why I consistently miss this country. 

postcard project (january)

Letters, and postcards are ideal presents to give me. Snail mail is the vehicle through which I want to receive news of engagements, America's demise, thank yous, words of congratulations, and the rest. Sitting with the news physically in your hands allows for brief bliss while you digest whatever you have just read. In an effort to spread my unabashed love for mail, I have decided to send handmade postcards (or letters) every single month.

January was a time of catch-up, or words of encouragement for friends who have made big decisions.
 Annina needed a hello.
Nick & Leah deserved a thank you for a few things.
Molly has decided to move to Atlanta.
Morgan got into an instructor course with NOLS.
Jillian has an interview with JET.
Amonster is in the midst of graduate school at Georgetown and could use any pick-me-ups, small or large.

this is January.


Back in Juneau town.